Mirajii Dulin, Class of 2017

Julian Jordan

Westerly Hills Academy

​Melanie Martinez

Olympic  HS

DJ Taylor

​West Charlotte HS

Shayla Evans

Thomasboro Academy

Simone Barnette

​Olympic HS

Jazmin Gainey, Class of 2017

Dynasty Harris

Bruns Academy

Jonah Reid

​Performance Leaning Center HS

iSpeak Now Ambassadors are students that are chosen to represent the organization.  Our Ambassadors range from elementary school students to college students.  Ambassadors volunteer their time to work with other students at schools that participate in iSpeak Now program models.  They also represent  iSpeak Now at iSpeak Now signature events and at events in the community!

Malachiyah Livingston

Bruns Academy

The Ambassadors

Alexis Vorachith

West Charlotte HS

Freddie Watson

Performance Learning Center HS

Nigel Hodge

Olympic HS