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We have a simple mission: to provide memorable and meaningful opportunities for kids and young adults to engage in public speaking and develop critical thinking skills in unique ways and to help kids and young adults to develop the consciousness to think of themselves differently. They are the New Reality.

West Charlotte vs.

Olympic High School

The Mock Trial of the Century

Program: the Advanced Mock Trial Experience, May 23, 2017

Schools: West Charlotte HS and Olympic HS, Charlotte, NC 

After completing the Mock Trial Experience, these two schools faced off in a new advanced murder mock trial case.  In the State of West Carolina v. Joe Jackson the schools had competing expert witnesses and guest celebrity Judges who determined  the  best attorney, witness, media team and team.


Partnership with West Charlotte and Olympic High Schools: iSpeak Now has partnered with West Charlotte High School and Olympic High School to implement iWrite, the advanced public speaking and writing sessions in collaboration with local and national poets and nationally recognized hip hop artists to teach advanced writing and public speaking through traditional speeches, poetry and hip hop.   The schools will compete in an Advanced Mock Trial Experience with a new murder trial fact pattern with alumni Attorney coaches for a trial on May 23, 2017 at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse.

Partnerships with Harding University High School and Performance Learning Center High School: : iSpeak Now has partnered with Harding University High School and Performance Learning Center to do the Mock Trial Experience in April and May 2017.  Both schools will also implement iWrite, our advanced public speaking and writing sessions in the fall 2017.
Internet programming project and channel begins production Summer 2017:  For each school iSpeak Now partners with,  the students will be guided through the process of creating 1-2 hours of original internet programming for elementary school students and 4-6 hours of original programming for high school students including scripted television shows, commercials, documentaries and more.
Secret Storyteller Project begins: iSpeak Now will kick off the 2017 Secret Storyteller Project with local celebrities, athletes, poets and others to encourage literacy in August 2017.

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